AlGioshy Steel History

Inaugurated in 1985, as ElDawlia for Trading Co. S.A.E, the company quickly became recognized as an authorized distributor of leading construction materials in Egypt, such as steel rebars, wire rod, cement and gypsum. After building a strong market presence as an importer and trader in the years leading up to 2000 it was a natural progression to start importing raw materials from Ukraine, Russia and Turkey. By 2004 AlGioshy established a building materials business in the state of Qatar under the name of Fair Trade Qatar W.L.L.

2005 saw the AlGioshy family initiate plans to build a rolling mill, seeing that the demand for quality steel products could only expand exponentially. In 2011 AlGioshy went on to establish the AlGioshy Steel Rollivvvng Mill in the location of 6th of October City, less than 40 kms. from the huge consumer centers of Cairo and Giza.

2015 was a landmark year, with AlGioshy Steel Production beginning operations in September. Now, in 2016, AlGioshy Steel S.A.E plans to increase capacity from 250,000 tons per year to 1 million tons per year, taking its place as a major player in the industry.

As the market in Egypt continues to expand and remains a key part of Egyptian economic expansion, AlGioshy plans to stay ahead of the competition and at the top of the market with their high-quality products and continuing development.